Friday, October 11, 2013

The Luminosity of Souls

Who is your muse? Do you have one? Several?

Mine have changed over time and I do not doubt that they will continue to evolve and transform as I do. Often, I find inspiration in the people around me, and I believe that is why I like the epigraph from the Sufi poet Rumi so very much. It encourages me to be proactive in choosing the company that I keep and to seek out those who influence me in a positive fashion. Of course, it's human nature for people to associate with those who share opinions and interests similar to their own. That's simple positive reinforcement. At times, the cliché "opposites attract" also comes into play as we strive to fill some personal aspect that, at least subconsciously, we feel to be lacking. What I find essential is having a receptive heart to recognize these influences when they appear.

What I have learned as a Freemason has helped me immensely in this regard. The open-mindedness and impartiality taught in the Fraternity has helped me to better recognize good people and good ideas without the prejudices of society or other biased individuals. My own internal search for Truth has rewarded me with relationships with truly remarkable individuals - men and women of different races, beliefs, backgrounds, and ideas. They have inspired me to become stronger in my faith, to nurture and grow my relationships with family and friends, and to constantly strive for self-improvement. They are beacons along my personal road of self-discovery. I am drawn to the internal light of specific individuals - the luminosity of certain souls - and from them I take encouragement and inspiration. What I learn, I try to pass on to those willing to listen and read, or to be an example as the opportunity presents itself.

What you may encounter on this page both now and in the future may serve you well or not at all. The light does not shine the same for everyone - there's nothing wrong with this. My only wish is that you move forward along your own path recognizing the goodness in people around you and take inspiration from those whose souls shine more brightly in your eyes. Be aware of good people and enlightenment in whatever form it takes. Take every opportunity to improve yourself spiritually, physically, and mentally, and perhaps we will meet again somewhere along the road as beacons to one another and share the luminosity of our souls.